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Adult PT Testimonials

After my prostate surgery, luckily I was referred to Dr. Heather. She's the best. Skilled, professional, patient and very understanding.  I had trouble at first grasping the proper way to do Kegel exercises, they went over and above explaining and demonstrating Kegels until I mastered them.  As I improved they helped me incorporate Kegel exercises into my life situations for swimming, lifting weights and doing sit-ups to avoid accidents. I am doing fantastic thanks to Summit PT and am back to pre-surgery form.



Heather and Brittany were very professional, understanding, adept at talking comfortably about very uncomfortable subjects, encouraging and kind. GREAT appointment!



I struggled so much with bladder pain. Emily helped me get my life back.




Heather is very patient and caring. I'm totally comfortable with her.




After one meeting, I know I'm in such good hands. Thank you for your time, gentleness and expertise!



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